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02 Desember 2009

Lomba Delegasi Indonesia untuk Dunia 2009-2010 - ONE YOUNG WORLD

Tenggat: 31 Desember 2009

Ikuti Lomba tingkat dunia yang menjaring 1500 peserta dari 192 negara dengan memberikan sumbangan dan pikiran kalian menjadi perwakilan indonesia.GRAND PRIZE : WINNER FREE TRIP UK. LONDON FOR 3 days (8 – 10 feb 2010)

Syarat :
Umur dari 17 – 25 tahun
Mempunyai account di facebook

Caranya, kunjungi halaman lomba OYW di Facebook. Di bagian bawah video, cari link tulisan STAND AS A CANDIDATES dan klik.
Kemudian masukan data diri anda. dan kegiatan anda. dan kenapa harus memilih anda menjadi kandidat. (sebutkan keunggulan keunggulan anda) lalu aspirasidan kontribusi yang akan anda lakukan apabila terpilih dalam program ini.
pertanyaan hubungi

The One Young World delegates will address six key issues at the Summit in 2010:
Developing Political Leadership for a positive future
Global Business and its role in shaping society through the economy
Inter-faith dialogue
The Environment and its protection
The Media, its changing identity and its power
Global Health, its polarities and impact

When is it happening?The Inaugural Summit will be held from 8-10 February 2010 in London – the Opening Ceremony will be held at Old Billingsgate and the Plenary Sessions will be held at the Excel Centre, which recently hosted the G20 Summit. The Opening Ceremony will be hosted by Mayor Boris Johnson with an address by Archbishop Desmond Tutu.
Who will be there?As well as 1500 of the world’s most talented young leaders there will be a group of counsellors. These global leaders will provide delegates with support and inspiration as they become the leaders of tomorrow. The counsellors include Kofi Annan, Archbishop Desmond Tutu, Bob Geldof, Nick Haysom – UN Director of Political affairs, Elio Leoni Sceti – CEO of EMI and several others.

How does One Young World benefit you as a delegate?
Be a part of a global network of the leaders of tomorrow
Meet some of the most influential and powerful current and future leaders in the world
Have your voice heard on the global stage
Make a real difference in the areas that you feel are important
What impact will One Young World have?
One Young World simply aims to give the leaders of tomorrow a global platform to be heard today. The entire Summit will be live-streamed to the internet, and various segments will be carried on the websites of BBC Worldwide and CNN.
Draft resolutions are being created by Oxford University and will be distributed internationally to global institutions such as the UN, The World Economic Forum, TED, etc. One Young World should become a unified voice of the next generation for every sector, almost like a ‘Youth Kyoto’ or a ‘Young UN’.

How do I become a delegate?
Very simple: click on the stand as a candidate button, follow the instructions, and once your profile is complete, publicise the site to as many people as possible in your network and get them to vote for you. After voting your supports are also invited to pledge their financial support for you should the wish. The more votes you gather the more likely you are to be able to attend.

How much does it cost?
One Young World is a UK registered charity and run entirely Not-for-profit. However, the cost for each delegate is €3000 no matter what country you come from. This delegate fee covers all your travel costs from their nearest international airport, food and accommodation throughout your stay, and of course the cost of the summit itself. We have a sponsorship fund for exceptional delegates that are unable to fundraise themselves. However, this application can be used to help you raised financial pledges from your friends, family and other supports. You are also able to approach local companies, Universities and charities to ask for their support for you. We will provide you with as many tools as possible to help you raise this sponsorship. Please note that by creating a profile here outside sponsors can choose to pledge to sponsor you.

Delegate Criteria
To be a delegate you should be happy to demonstrate the following:
be born since January 1 1984
show leadership potential
an understanding of today’s environment and the challenges it brings
a passion and commitment to make a difference to a future generation
willingness to represent your country and the views of your generation in your country
an interest in the global issues to be debated at the Summit
a proven record of volunteering or extra-curricular activities
You should be actively engaged in one or more of the following sectors: business, voluntary/charity, education, media, political, healthcare, environmental, religious, agricultural, technology.
How many delegates will come from my country?
In a world first One Young World is aiming to achieve global proportional representation of the delegates. 2 delegates will be taken from all 192 countries on the planet and the remaining delegates will be taken in proportion to their countries populations. This is a unique approach as it means for many of the world’s countries it will be the first time in their history to be fully represented on the world stage. For more information on how many delegates are allocated to your country please click here.
What is’s involvement?, is managing the global social media outreach for One Young World; tapping into the major social networks and new media channels across the planet in order to mobilize this generation behind the initiative. The company has gathered partners across the global to help create what will be the most ambitious use of social media for youth leadership globally.

Any problems?
Please feel free to get in touch with us at any time by emailing the team at
For more information please see

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